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Saptarishi – The Best Gift

7 universal truths to experience unconditional love – on demand

The best gift comes from the heart, not the store. And a heart full of realizations makes the simplest gifts the sweetest. The Saptarishi is a collection of realizations and stories from India’s most profound thinkers and sages. Access timeless wisdom presented over 5000 years ago, yet easily accessible in the 21st century. Re-live the stories of people who made extraordinary choices on battlefields, held their integrity when their family was being tortured, remained disciplined even when misunderstood by their best friends, and were steadfast in their relationships even when they were ignored. Explore topics such as the soul, self-realization, karma, reincarnation, aspects of Divinity, relationships with the universe and life around us, our spiritual and material natures, the different types of yoga and the ultimate source of unending happiness.

When you gift yourselves or your loved ones a Saptarishi, you are not just getting them books. You are gifting them unconditional love (and the means to experience it). Millions of lives have changed forever from just a few pages of wisdom within these books. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?